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For the biggest investment you will make, Exceed Inspections, Melbourne’s most trusted Inspection company, will give you complete peace of mind You can be assured your home will be inspected to the highest level Exceed Inspections setting the standard for building inspections, looking after our customers through their property journey – our commitment to you.


1. Registered, accredited and insured Thorough reports with attention to detail (including photos)
2. Prompt appointments and reports within 24 hours
3. Over 5,000 Inspections by registered builders ensuring your home is completed to the best standards.


Our expert team will carry out a detailed inspection in accordance with relevant Australian standards and ensure the building complies to all Building Code of Australia BCA, National Construction code NCC and manufacturers recommendations. Our wealth of experience is highly respected by peers and builders throughout Victoria, with all of our Inspectors registered builders with at least 20 years of building experience


With over three decades of expertise, our journey began as an apprentice Carpenter, evolving into roles such as site foreman and supervisor for substantial residential and commercial projects. Serving as the Director of a thriving building company for more than 25 years, specializing in upscale projects across Melbourne's inner suburbs, Exceed Inspection have honed all skills in overseeing high-quality work. As a Building Consultant, we collaborate with various firms in Melbourne, providing insights into costings and procedural methods. This wealth of experience has shaped us into meticulous inspectors, committed to detail and thoroughness.

Yes contact us to find out more
Please see “New Home Stage Inspections” as a guide, but we can also inspect at times suited to you
Yes we are fully Insured and all of our inspectors are Registered
We will have you report to you within 24 hours sometimes sooner
Generally, we will need your Plans, Engineering designs and Truss designs / layouts
We will always try to work with you
No there is no need for you to attend. In fact, it is better that you don’t as this way it remains completely independent and we can focus solely on your property.

For the biggest investment you will make, Exceed Inspections, Melbourne’s most trusted Inspection company.

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