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Buying a house or a home is a large investment. It is also a major risk of financial damage if you do not consider all aspects carefully, especially building inspection services in Pakenham. Exceed Inspection has the skill and experience to identify structural defects, both major and minor. If you are buying a new home or building, make sure to hire a professional for building inspection services in Pakenham.

Building Inspection Services in Pakenham

From a sloppy poor workmanship to a damaged pipe, some times little issues can create a major problem in the future and put a dent in your pocket. Our building inspection services in Pakenham guarantee thorough inspection within your budget. Do not Purchase with out a building inspection. We will carry out a full inspection and deliver a full report to you within 24 hours.

Why Choose Exceed Inspection For Building Defects Reporting In Pakenham?

Exceed Inspection has built itself up to its reputation of being the best in building inspection in Pakenham. Whether you require pre-purchase inspection, building defects reporting or dilapidation reporting, we can carry them out to your satisfaction.

Professional Building Inspections

Our Pakenham building and home inspection will detect any defects in the newly constructed home or building. We will also provide solutions to the issues found during the building inspection.

Quick Turnaround And Competitive Prices

If you need to finalize your investment in the building soon, make sure that your home inspection in Pakenham offers a quick turnaround at affordable prices.

Pre-Purchase And Apartment Handover Inspection

Our building inspection in Pakenham is carried out by professional inspectors who are well-versed in both buildings and homes. You will get a detailed account of everything found in the report.

Ensure Your Home Is Up To Australian Standards

To make sure you don’t get major problems, Exceed Inspection will ensure during the building inspection in Pakenham that your building is up to Australian standards.

What Entails Building Inspection In Pakenham?

There are several building inspection services which are covered by Exceed Inspection.

Visual Inspection

During the building inspection in Pakenham, we will inspect all fixtures, plumbing, appliances etc and document if there are any defects.

Inspection Of Sub Floor And Roof Cavities

Your roof area and subfloor will be inspected thoroughly and we will provide photographic evidence in the building defects reports. Any damage leaks or structural issues will be assessed carefully.

Laser And Moisture testing For Building Inspection

Detect building defects that are not easily visible. Uneven floors, ceilings, and walls will be identified and documented if present.

Building Inspection Findings Into An In-Depth Report

After a thorough building inspection in Pakenham, you will get a detailed in-depth report. All the potential risks and hazards will be listed for you to make an educated decision.

Our Major Building Inspection Services In Pakenham

Comprehensive Building Defects Reports And Dilapidation Reports

If you are building a new building, a neighbor’s structure should also be inspected thoroughly to identify any existing issues. Both you and your neighbors will be protected with this type of building inspection services in Pakenham.

Rectification For Defects Found in New Home Building Stage Inspection

We will carry out thorough new home building stage inspections in Pakenham at every stage of the construction. From structural integrity to a leaking roof, and Drainage etc. we will provide solutions to remedy the defects found.

Recommendations Of Repair Works After Building Defects Reporting

After a building defects report, you will be able to get recommendations for repair works that are required in your home and building. With our building inspection in Pakenham, you will then be in a position to obtain the cost required for all repair works.

Building Inspection and Home Inspection Reporting

Whether you require a building inspection or a house inspection in Pakenham, we can supply you with a full report within 24 hours. Our Home inspection in Pakenham will advise and supply recomendations in resolving building disputes.

Pre-Purchase Apartment Handover Inspection

If you require a pre-purchase building inspection and apartment handover inspection in Pakenham, we are the perfect company for you. Whether you are buying or selling an apartment, we are the best choice.

Building Defects Reporting and Dilapidation Report Compiled

For both building defects reporting and dilapidation reporting in Pakenham, our inspectors will compile a full report.

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Call Exceed Inspections today for our building inspection service in Pakenham. With our house inspection services, you will have peace of mind. We offer free quotes in our first consultation for pre-purchase building inspection or building defects reporting in Pakenham.

For the biggest investment you will make, Exceed Inspections, Melbourne’s most trusted Inspection company.

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