Exclusive Building Defects Reporting In Melbourne by Exceed Inspection

Building Defects  Report

Building defects reporting in Melbourne is a compilation of highly detailed report that is used to provide evidence for a legal case.

This report is also called a Condition Report

Each item identified on site is described in detail, referenced to the contract or statutory documents.

Building defects report identifies who is responsible for the breach and why, and provides a recommendation and costing to rectify the breach.

Attendance at court, mediation or a hearing to provide further evidence or explanation for items raised in a report as a Expert Witness.

FAQs on building defects report In Melbourne

Who Can Conduct a Building Defects Inspection In Melbourne?

Professional inspectors from Exceed Inspection can conduct building defects inspection reporting in Melbourne which will help you avoid disputes in the future.

What Are Common Building Defects In Melbourne Properties?

Defects like cracks, water damage, construction, and plumbing problems are common building defects reported.

Why is a Building Defects Inspection Report essential?

This report is crucial for Melbourne properties due to the city’s climate and construction challenges. It helps builders and owners understand a property’s condition, comply with local regulations, and make informed decisions during property transactions.

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