Dilapidation Reporting In Melbourne: Avoid Spending Money On Existing Damages


Dilapidation Reporting in Melbourne is a compilation of a Report on the condition of an adjoining property to a proposed construction works, prepared by the builder, developer, or homeowner with the adjoining owner. The survey of dilapidation reporting includes records of all existing cracks and defects.

or you may be building an Extension or renovation to your existing property and would like to have a record of the existing condition of your home prior to any work starting.

FAQs On Dilapidation Reporting In Melbourne

How Much Does Dilapidation Reporting Cost?

The cost of dilapidation reporting depends on the structure you need reporting on. You can contact Exceed Inspection for a free consultation and a quote in Melbourne.

What Does the Dilapidation Reporting Provide?

Exceed Inspection will do a property assessment to survey and document the exterior and interior condition of the neighboring properties. Our dilapidation reporting will include building defects like cracks and gaps.

Who Can Order a Dilapidation Report?

The contractor carrying out the construction work or the owner of the site can place an order for a dilapidation report. But otherwise, any interested party can put an order for this report.

For the biggest investment you will make, Exceed Inspections, Melbourne’s most trusted Inspection company.

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