Home Building Stage Inspections in Melbourne

There are several stages to build a new home or a building from the ground. It is also generally your largest investment. New home building stage inspections is essential to make sure each stage of construction is completed properly and to all codes and as per your Plans. When it comes to new home stage inspection in Melbourne, Exceed Inspection is the best in Melbourne.

Pre Slab In New Home Stage Inspection in Melbourne
The Pre Slab is the first stage for new home building stage inspections in Melbourne of your home. Base steel and formwork before pouring concrete, this new house building stage inspection in Melbourne ensures this has been properly constructed and is ready for concrete to be poured. This new home building stage inspection in Melbourne is generally conducted the afternoon before the slab is scheduled for concrete pour. This ensures all beam depths, widths, locations, and steel are correctly positioned and ready for the concrete to be poured.

Frame Stage for Your New Building Stage Inspection

This new home building stage inspection in Melbourne is carried out once the wall and roof framing has been completed. It is a more detailed new home building stage inspection in Melbourne than the one carried out by the builder’s surveyor who would usually just check for compliance with Relevant Australian Standards and Building Codes.

  • The checking of the concrete slab edge for any exposed steel around its perimeter; any blow-out, or defects that will potentially block the cavity width; as well as for any bottom plate overhang which if not rectified will result in structural issues.
  • The finish of the concrete is also checked for excessive cracking and or dusting and the slab has been poured level and within tolerances.
  • The checking of constructed wall frames for their compliance with the Building Code, walls are checked during the new home building stage inspection in Melbourne to ensure that they have been installed plumbing and that the bracing is correctly located and installed.
  • The roof truss installation and all bracing, tie downs, and brackets have been installed correctly.

Pre-Plaster Stage in a New Home Building Inspection
This new home building stage inspection is carried out just before the plastering of the walls and ceilings. After the plumbers, electricians, heating, cooling, and other contractors are finished with the installation of their pipework and cabling, the carpenters finish straightening the walls, hanging the external doors, and fitting the shower bases and baths. These new house-building stage inspections will identify any modifications that have been made to the frame of your new home. This is a valuable inspection as many trades will cut, or drill through framing members to get their services in, regardless of its importance including the diagonal and sheet bracing which if not checked by a qualified person will then be covered over leaving the structure at risk of potential structural defects at later stages.

The pre-plaster in the new home inspections includes:

  • The wall frames for their compliance with the Building Code, ensure the walls are plumb and straight
  • The window frames for correct installation.
  • The guttering, fascia, and eaves are installed correctly
  • The roofline and tile installation.
  • All shower bases are checked for correct installation following their manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • All baths are checked for proper support.
  • Ducting for WC exhaust fans having been properly installed.
  • Timber door sills are properly flashed.
  • Plumbing and electrical installation is also checked for correct installation

If the brickwork has been installed at this stage, the following is also checked:

  • The brick walls are level, plumb, straight and to make sure that it is in alignment.
  • The proper placement of articulation joints, flashings, and weepholes.
  • The correct clearances between the windows and the brick sills.
  • The correct bearing of the brick walls onto the concrete slab.
  • The cavities are checked to ensure no build-up of excessive mortar.

If installed, the insulation is also checked for its correct fitting along with any other 5 Star Energy compliance requirements

Fixing Stage  In New Home Building Inspection
This inspection involves the checking of the plaster and the cornice lines are straight, all corners, columns, and recesses are checked to ensure they have been completed square. We inspect the hanging of your doors to ensure correct operation and that they are within tolerances and the fixing of your door jambs, window frames, architraves, and skirting boards We ensure the waterproofing of the wet areas within your home complies with BCA requirements as set out in Australian Standard AS 3740 Waterproofing of Domestic Wet Areas and the NCC

Final Stage  In Building Stage Inspection

  • The brickwork for level and plumb
  • The proper placement of articulation joints, flashings and weepholes.
  • The correct clearances
  • The cleaning off of mortar from across the face of the brickwork
  • Chipped bricks and/or holes and other imperfections in the mortar finish.
  • Hebel panels or weatherboards are correctly installed and finished
  • The fascia, gutter, and eaves are checked to ensure that they are correctly graded and no damage is present
  • The roof and tile installation.
  • All glazing for scratches and chips.


  • All doors for correct clearances and function, as well as the door furniture for its operation.
  • All window reveals are checked for bows, sagging or twists that may indicate improper fitting.
  • All plasterwork is checked
  • All ceilings joints
  • All cornice lines for level and straight.
  • All walls and the skirting boards are checked for quality
  • All external corners for their straightness and to ensure that they are in line.
  • All kitchen cupboards and vanities and the bench tops for scratches and correct operation
  • All tiling & grouting
  • All cut-outs around taps for correct sizing and sealed if required
  • All tile junctions and joints are sealed properly
  • General finish of the painting
  • Baths are checked for proper support and that they have been correctly sealed
  • All other plumbing fixtures and fittings for correct installation.

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