Professional Comprehensive Pre-Purchase Building Inspection In Melbourne

What we look for during pre-purchase building inspection in Melbourne?

 A termite infestation and or activity
 Termite damage
 Timber rot
 Borer infestation
 Borer damage
 Conducive conditions that can attract timber pest
 We assess any termite treatments of the property
 Borer damage
 Conducive conditions that can attract timber pest
 We assess any termite treatments on the property

Buying a new home is a considerable financial investment.
A pre-purchase building inspection can offer considerable peace of mind by ensuring you are fully aware of existing or likely future defects that you may inherit.

When looking to buy a home it is essential to know exactly what you are buying. Pre Purchase Home inspections in Melbourne are designed to advise and highlight potential problems so you can decide if the price you are paying upfront is your true cost of ownership. At Exceed Building Inspections we take that extra inspection time during pre-purchase inspection in Melbourne to help you make a well-informed decision.

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspections in Melbourne cover

 Major structural defects
 Minor structural defects
 Any items that may be conducive to future major defects
 Any other item that our inspectors and technology pick upness.

FAQs on Pre-Purchase Inspection In Melbourne

Why Do I Need a Pre-Purchase Inspection in Melbourne?

A pre-purchase inspection in Melbourne is essential for making an informed property purchase decision. It uncovers hidden defects, helps in price negotiations, and prevents unexpected costs.

How Long Does a Pre-Purchase Inspection Take in Melbourne?

On average, a pre-purchase inspection in Melbourne takes 2 to 3 hours, but it may vary based on property size and complexity. Thoroughness is key to ensure all areas are examined.

Can I Attend the Pre-Purchase Inspection in Melbourne?

Yes, of course. If you are present, you will be able to ask questions, understand the property’s condition, and get immediate feedback from the inspector, aiding your decision-making process.

For the biggest investment you will make, Exceed Inspections, Melbourne’s most trusted Inspection company.

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